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2 Days In Vienna

How To Spend 2 Days In Vienna – The Ultimate Itinerary

Planning a weekend in Vienna can feel overwhelming with so much to do and not so much time. If like us, you’d only heard of  “Ohhhh Vieeeennnaaa” due to Ultravox then you’ll also land on Austria’s doorstep unsure what to expect.  Hopefully this guide will give you a little insight and inspiration for planning the perfect 2 days in Vienna while still leaving enough time for you to stumble upon your own hidden gems.

Expect an eclectic array of old meets new in this Vienna itinerary – from the architecture to café culture, graffiti to Gustav Klimt. From outdoor opera in Summer to the world famous Christmas market in Winter – Vienna ticks all boxes regardless of season or your budget.

We sang and we schnitzel’d our way round this stunning city and have shared our highlights below so you too can make the most of your 2 days in Vienna. Whether it’s you’re backpacking Europe or after a romantic city break it is the ideal city escape for art lovers, food lovers or just you know, lover lovers and after a weekend in Vienna you’ll undoubtedly want to return again and again.


Our budget for 2 days in Vienna was £137.50 per day (for both of us.) Our actual spend was £161.89 per day – this included all food, accommodation, activities and transport. This was due to us having limited time so sticking to the super touristy stuff which we wanted to tick off our bucketlist. It is definitely possible to do plan a cheaper Vienna itinerary if you have time to search for the hidden gems.

We spent 3 months backpacking Europe and wrote a post on the full details of our route – 12 countries (15 cities) and how much we spent. With costs divided into accommodation, food, transport and activities – all displayed in sexy pie charts with a free downloadable budget tracker thrown in!


Budget: £45.00
Actual: £45.95


Budget: £90.00
Actual: £80.56

Food, Drinks & Activities

Budget: £140.00
Actual: £197.26

Avg. Cost / Day: £161.89


We took Flixbus from Ljubljana to Vienna (approx. 5 hours) for £22.90 each.

After our weekend in Vienna we also travelled to Bratislava – it takes around an hour making it the perfect day trip from Vienna or city break before or after your trip.

If you only have 2 days in Vienna, we recommend spending £12 (each) on a 48 hour unlimited travel cards as it worked out cheaper. As we’d never been on a tram before (yes, we’re that weird) and the Wiener Linien 48 hour pass allowed transport on trams and trains we felt it was the best way to explore the city (Available here) when our feet got a little tired/we got a little too full of beer & schnitzel to walk.

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It’s no secret that the city is an expensive place to sleep, however your 2 days in Vienna don’t have to break the bank.  We found a funky little gem that deserves a solid 5 gold stars/pat on the back/10 points to Gryffindor. Meininger Hotel Wien Downtown Franz is a modern mix of hostel meets hotel with quirky decor and contemporary areas to work and chill.

We found this the perfect base for our Vienna itinerary and best of all, the perfect price – we paid £40.28 per night – so approx. £20 each per night.

If you’re visiting Vienna on a budget and don’t fancy dining out, this hotel also has the bonus of a well equipped kitchen if you wanna save the pennies and cook your own meals.

For us, alongside the fun decor the location was the reason we chose this hotel as our base for our 2 days in Vienna. As it was within walking distance to the canal, underground station and a mere 22 minutes to Stephansplatz. This meant we saved money on transport as we could walk everywhere which we also prefer as you stumble upon the hidden gems you won’t pass if stuck on the underground.

Meininger Hotel Wien Downtown Franz

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Following our 2 days in Vienna our bus to Bratislava didn’t leave until 7:30pm, this meant we were going to have to drag out backpacks round all day. Thankfully our hotel had a secure luggage room where they stored our backpacks but it did mean going back here to pick them up before heading to the bus station. We later discovered you can use an epic service called Luggage Hero which as over 20 storage places around Vienna so we could’ve stored our luggage much closer to the bus station (or wherever works best for you) for as little as 1 euro an hour! Check them out here.

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Spending 2 days in Vienna without sampling Schnitzel, is like visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. So, for once in our lives we actually did a little research on where the best schnitzel spot may be and discovered the top two.

We rocked up at Purstner only to be told there’s no room at the inn (cue angry “told you we should’ve booked” frowns from a starving Daz.) However, it was a blessing in disguise as our next choice Figlmuller was perfect, so we believe it was fate and all that mystical jazz.

Figlmuller has two locations – Figlmuller Wollzeile & Figlmuller Backerstrasse. We arrived at Wollzeile to be told it was full (now cue Darren’s feed me or I’m going to die face) however it’s a short 5 minute walk to their sister venue – Backerstrasse – so our Schnitzel mission was finally over.

Darren opted for veal schnitzel and I’d pork. To us, they tasted very similar and we struggled to finish they were that big. Served with two rather large beers because, Austria and a side salad because, balance. The waiter was particularly friendly, even offering us a balcony table when it became available but we enjoyed our cosy quiet spot at the back. Make sure to squeeze in some schnitzel during your 2 days in Vienna.

Aida Café

If looking for where to eat in Vienna, then slap bang in tourist trap territory at Stephansplatz isn’t probably your first choice. However, Aida Café was so retro, pink and insta-worthy it was impossible not to stop and yes, Darren got dragged in a tad against his will.

That was until he saw the library of desserts and cakes that Mr Kipling could only dream of. Even for a self-confessed cake queen, it took a good 20 minutes to make a decision. As I was leaving/dragged from the premises I snapped a photo from the top of the stairs and noticed even her socks were pink – WHERE DO I HAND MY CV?!

Check out some of the best cakes that we ate during our Europe trip on our Bucharest city break post.


No 2 days in Vienna would be complete without sampling a beer or two. What surprised us was the level of head the Austrian beers had. An unusual proportion of the glass was froth which we thought to be a one off thing, but it seemed to be the norm compared to our frown-at-froth ways at home.

We particularly enjoyed Ottakringer which was common in the majority of eateries and bars.

Girl With 2 Beers In Vienna


Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna’s architecture squeals splendour and the jewel in the crown is definitely Schönbrunn Palace.

Take the Underground line U4 or Tram 10 & 60 and get off at Schönbrunn (easy to remember, that one.) The 1,441-room Baroque dwelling offers a variety of tours & tickets. All are equally magnificent but, with a rather magnificent price tag of €17 – €21 (each) depending on the tour you choose. According to reviews however, it is the second most popular thing to do in Vienna, so it’s probably worth the pennies.

If *attempting* to budget like us, we’d highly recommend the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace. They are stunning all year round, whether in bloom in spring, or under a blanket of Autumn leaves like our pics below.

The majority you can explore for free or for much smaller fees – the maze is €5.50, the impressive Goriette €3.80, Orangery also €3.80 and there is even a zoo on the palace grounds! If like us, you only have 2 days in Vienna the gardens are a definite money and time saving option!

St Stephen’s Cathedral

You probably now want to know what the number 1 most popular thing to do in Vienna is. The top spot goes to exploring the city centre known as Stephansplatz. It is home to St Stephen’s Cathedral which at 136m tall (at its tallest bell tower) is pretty hard to miss wherever you are in the city.

There is a small fee (approx. €5) to climb the 343 steps, arriving at Türmerstube (The Watchman’s Tower.) From here, you can people spot the crowds at Stephansplatz from above.

If a dark narrow staircase isn’t your cup of tea, exploring from the outside is just as beautiful. The roof of St. Stephen’s Cathedral has shining, colourful roof tiles which showcase the Royal and Imperial double-headed eagle and the coat of arms of the city of Vienna.

It is possible to view inside without paying the entrance fee, the fee is if you wish to explore the towers only.

The Belvedere

You cannot spend 2 days in Vienna without a visit to The Belvedere. The Belvedere consists of two Baroque palaces, Orangery and Palace Stables and is home to the largest collection of Gustav Klimt artwork in the world.

The entrance fees are divided into the areas you wish to see – Belvedere upper is €15 (this is where you can view The Kiss) and Belvedere lower is €13. You can purchase a combined ticket for €22 (saving €6).

Although when it comes to alcohol or spa days in Europe we throw money away without a second thought, paying to see paintings takes some persuasion.

Fortunately, The Kiss is my favourite painting in the world so Darren needed less persuasion than usual. Unlike the Mona Lisa in Paris where the tiny painting is hidden behind glass (and hundreds of selfie stick waving tourists) the Belvedere was relatively quiet and you were able to get up close to all artwork.

Even if Klimt is not your thing, it’s worth the entry fee for the ceilings alone, we’ve seen the Sistine Chapel in Rome and found The Belvedere’s more breath-taking (and with no queue!) Definitely one of the best places to visit in Vienna.

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Street Art

After a morning of art snobbery and splendour its time to head for a spot that’s not always mentioned in the guide books. From Stephansplatz take U3 to Schlachthausgasse and walk along the vibrant walls that line the Danube Canal.

This is where the eclectic mix of romantic Vienna meets urban art, creating unrivalled views. If you only have 2 days in Vienna and time is limited then head between Schwedenplatz and Schottenring.

If time is on your side however there is so much to explore and you can admire the canal in its entirety. Pack the sunscreen and head to the sandbank beaches (yes beaches in Vienna) or for night life there’s numerous boat parties such as Badeschiff a canal boat club with a pool!

Street Art Under Bridge In Vienna

The Opera

Chances are if you know one thing about Vienna it’s that the city is renown for opera. If there’s a second thing you know, it’s that opera isn’t cheap, especially on a backpacker budget.

*Waves magic wand* taaada, well my friend you can actually enjoy one of Vienna’s famous operas for as little as €3? Yup, for less than the cost of a cappuccino you can attend one of the most iconic venues and tick a world renowned show off the bucketlist.

How? By turning up 90 minutes early and grabbing a last minute standing ticket. To ensure you add opera to your 2 days in Vienna, take a peek here for how to make those bargain seats yours!


Just realised how arty farty this post has become (you were warned it’s one for the art lovers.) However, if you have time during your 2 days in Vienna to squeeze in one final favourite Austrian artist, Hundertwasser then we definitely recommend it!

Since studying The Lollipop Trees in High School his colourful and childlike style has always fascinated me. Even if you thought Hundertwasser House was named after a football player (Darren, looking at you) it is worth a visit regardless.

Designed with the help of architect Josef Krawina, it is located in the Landstraße district on the corner of Kegelgasse and Löwengasse.  The bold exterior, colourful curves and likely bus tour or two will instantly grab your attention. Access to the building itself is limited as it’s mainly apartments and offices however there are unique little gift shops and a cafe all following the vibrant Hundertwasser theme. Definitely a worthy snap stop during your 2 days in Vienna.

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Pinterest Pin - 2 Days In Vienna - Belvedere Palace Roof
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