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Camping Checklist: What to take Camping for an Epic Trip

If you’re finally ready to brave the big bad outdoors, but you’re struggling on what to take camping then you’re in the right place!  Nothing beats a weekend in the outdoors, or a night under the stars – except if you end up soggy, cold and your campsite invaded by ants. Fear not, this camping checklist will ensure you have a safe, stress-free trip regardless of where you are in the world and your camping experience. It covers the camping essentials for sleeping, eating and enjoying the great outdoors including what to take camping in rain or shine.  It’s the perfect guide for beginners, but also for camping enthusiasts who may learn a wee trick or two.

We have been very fortunate to have enjoyed tent life all over the world, from the shores of Oahu when we were backpacking Hawaii, to the road trip of a lifetime camping in Australia to the rather chilly Scottish Highlands at Belladrum music festival. However, our trips haven’t all been smooth sailing, so this camping packing list has been tweaked and perfected over the years for you to learn from our mistakes. It will share the camping essentials we cannot leave home without and the ones you really don’t need weighing down your backpack.

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Tent With Backback In Front


1. Tent

Of all camping essentials, your tent is probably the most important item so let’s start there. It is important to invest in your tent so it will last, making it cheaper in the long run instead of buying a new one for every camping trip. Our top tips for buying a tent are:

  • Double layers: Ensure your tent has an inner shell and outer so that it is waterproof.
  • Check the weight: Remember you will be carrying the tent, alongside your other camping essentials so check how heavy it is before you click buy
  • Is there a built in groundsheet: If not, you will need to purchase a separate one or you could potentially be sleeping on top of cold, wet ground.
2-Person Tent

Coleman 2-Person sundome green tent

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2. Camping Accessories

Without a doubt, these are the camping essentials that we always forget at some point. Although you can adapt (we’ve used hiking boots to batter in tough tent pegs) having these items as part of your camping kit will make life SO much easier.

  • Mallet – nothing worse than finding the perfect camping spot and the ground is too tough to pitch your tent. A mallet will help get those pegs pitched in minutes
  • Pegs – Pegs often get damaged thanks to enthusiastic mallet work, so pack a few spares. We have also forgotten pegs on SO many occasions and had to beg and borrow from our campsite neighbours. That wee pouch of pegs is often forgotten when packing up AFTER your trip, so make sure to cross them off your camping checklist on the way there – and on the way back! These pegs also come with bonus guy lines which are a handy little addition.

3. Blow-Up Bed

Okay, some may argue this is not a camping essential and I’ll admit I was always that person who thought it was a cop-out to take an inflatable mattress camping. However, once you sleep on one of these, it is LIFE CHANGING and now we urge everyone to add it to your camping checklist. A comfortable sleep can make such a difference to your entire trip, not to mention with a blow-up bed you will be elevated off the floor which keeps you warmer. if you’re car camping, there is adaptable inflatable mattresses that will make life so much easier too!

No need to add a foot pump to your camping checklist as they take up valuable space & weight in your backpack. Instead, buy an air mattress with the pump built-in like the style below.

4. Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag is another vital addition to any camping packing list. Firstly, make sure your sleeping back is suitable for the temperature you’ll be expecting on your trip. Sleeping bags come in different ratings or seasons which is the best way to gauge what type to buy. Some are suitable for all year round, others only suitable for Winter (and will be heavier) others super lightweight which is perfect for summer camping trips. This guide will help choose the perfect sleeping bag for your trip.

We should add, we are super cheesy and actually have a joint sleeping bag. We actually prefer it for camping in Scotland as it can be separated for us both to take our own one or when the Scottish temperatures hit, we can zip it together and snuggle up. If it’s warmer (which is never, in Scotland) you can also put one sleeping bag under for an extra layer of padding, then use the second like a duvet.

Sleeping Bag

Lightweight backpacking sleeping bag.

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5. Camping Mat

If you aren’t convinced to add an inflatable mattress to your camping checklist, at least pack a camping mat for an extra layer between you and the cold, hard ground. There are so many varieties from the basic roll out mats to the self-inflate ones. Again, they will vary in weight so although larger might mean more comfort, it will mean more to carry. We’ve tried and tested several camping mats, below is our top picks.

6. Camping Pillow

There has been many a music festival where we’ve inflated an empty bag of wine/goon as our pillow (classy) or simply used our travel pouches that are filled with clothes and needless to say both have resulted in stiff necks or painful backs. Instead, for a more comfortable experience don’t forget a pillow from your camping checklist. We highly recommend researching the best camping pillow for you as it will make such a difference to your night’s sleep!

7. Ear Plugs & Eye Mask

One of the most important things to take camping, which can make or break your trip – ear plugs! There is nothing worse than being kept awake by your neighbour snoring/wildlife outside/rainstorm/that idiot with the guitar at the campfire so these handy little things are a welcome addition to any camping checklist! Please try to buy reusable earplugs (like the style below) don’t just use them once then chuck them. Invest in a good pair that can be part of your camping kit long term.

We’ve also included eye masks as when we’re camping in Scotland during Summer there are only a handful of hours where it’s actually dark, so this will help keep the light out to give you a lie-in.

8. Mosquito Net

Hopefully, your tent will come with an extra canvas layer that keeps insects out. However, if you are car camping or in a van, you may need to sleep with the boot open for air circulation and this often invites the cast of Bugs Life in. If you’re gonna be sleeping somewhere hot (or trying to avoid Scottish midges in Summer!) then a mosquito net is one of the best things to take camping for a bite-free sleep.

Mosquito Net

Coghlan's double-wide mesh mosquito net.

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9. Emergency Blanket & Shelter

Although we hope this camping checklist has prepared you well for any trip, there will always be times when sh*t hits the fan and things don’t go to plan. We’ve both had camping trips where we’ve woken up in pools of water, where ants have got into our sleeping bags, where wine has been spilt all over our tent…the list goes on. Having an emergency blanket/space blanket/ emergency bivvy will ensure you won’t have to sleep shivering. These handy little things fit inside the palm of your hand so take up no space (or weight) and are one of the best things to take camping should something happen to your sleeping bag.

An emergency shelter works in a similar way, keeping you warm and waterproof until help arrives/it’s safe to move on. Again, a handy camping essential to keep in the car or in your backpack as a “just in case”

10. Thermal Socks

If you’re wondering what to take camping, warm socks should be top of your list – even in hot countries the temperature drops during the night and most of your body heat escapes from the head and feet, so if you keep these guys warm, you’ll have a cosy nights sleep. No matter how snuggly your sleeping bag may be if your toes are cold, it’s gonna be a long night, so invest in a good pair, like our suggestions below.


These are the items that are not necessarily camping essentials, but they do help make your campsite more homely and comfortable. These are the things to take camping if you’re a beginner and prefer a few home comforts rather than being left in the wild.

woman pushing inflatable bed into red tent at a music festival

11. Camping Chairs

They are one of the best things to take camping if you’re in a large group as it’s easier for sitting outside rather than cramming into your tent. It’s also easier to eat your food sitting on a camping chair than sitting on the (potentially wet) ground. However, if you must hike far to your campsite then a camping chair isn’t the easiest to transport, so opt for a more portable version like our suggestions below, or a good old tree stump.

12. Camping Lantern

If you are trying to keep your camping packing list to a minimum a larger lantern is not essential (a head torch will suffice) but it can make your campsite more homely, if you have plans to stay up late. It’s best to take a solar-powered or wind up lantern as you’ll have zero access to power and it saves carrying spare batteries. Bonus points if your camping lantern has a hook, so you can attach it to a tree/top of your tent for extra illumination.

13. Tent Bulb

To be honest, when it comes to things to take camping this is such a handy thing if you don’t fancy taking a large lantern. We have this exact one and it hooks onto the top inside of our tent – we even leave it there when we pack up the tent again so we can’t forget it. It helps when searching for things in the dark or staying up late as it frees up your hands. They’re also SUPER cheap and last forever, we’ve had the same one for nearly 5 years and it’s smaller than an ordinary lightbulb so is the perfect lantern alternative.

Ten Bulb
$12.99 ($3.25 / Count)

Portable LED tent light 4 pack

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14. Bunting / Fairy Lights

I’m probably not the only one who considers fairy lights one of the best things to take camping. Put your tent up wonky? Fairy lights will help. Fell out with each other putting the tent up? Fairy lights help. Scared of wildlife and the great outdoors? Fairy lights will help. Just make sure they are battery powered so you’re not plunged into darkness.

We also consider bunting a camping essential, not just for the ‘gram factor but because it makes your tent super easy to spot on a campsite. If you’ve ever headed to the toilet at 4 am after a campfire beer or 3, it can be a tad confusing trying to locate your tent again. Having bunting or a flag of some sort will help distinguish your tent from the many others in your campsite so don’t forget them from your festival camping checklist.

15. Picnic Blanket

If you want somewhere to chill (not in a toasty tent) but don’t wanna carry clunky fold up chairs, then this is the perfect solution. An outdoor blanket is a wise addition to any camping packing list as it can have multiple uses – it will protect you from the wet ground, provide a place to eat and cook, double up as a blanket or table cloth and so on.

We use the exact plaid one below and prefer it as it’s warm and can be carried easily thanks to the handle, however, we have also included a pocket style picnic blanket which is a great idea if you are limited on space in your backpack.

Ensure the underneath is waterproof and that it can fold/store easily. Large fluffy blankets look cute in insta pics but are a nightmare to pack – even worse if they get soggy!


The great outdoors can be a dangerous place if you’re not armed with these camping essentials. With wildlife and weather being the two main threats, these are the things to take camping for a safe sleep under the stars.

16.  Insect Repellent

One of the most important things to take camping regardless of where you are in the world – insect repellent. In Scotland, midges are absolute savages in the Summer months and we have had to leave campsites in the past due to being bitten so much. In more tropical climates mosquitos, flies or wasps are more likely to annoy so insect repellent is an absolute camping essential. Make sure it has a high percentage of deet for maximum protection.

To protect your campsite, you can also buy insect repellent coils which are a safer alternative to the candles to keep mosquitos away.

17. Tick Remover

When venturing in the great outdoors, it is not uncommon for a beastie bite or two, but tick bites are a whole different ball game due to the risk of lyme disease. If you don’t fancy cutting your camping trip short, having a tick remover in your first aid kit is always handy – avoiding long grass and ticks in the first place is even handier.

Tick Remover

Stainless steel tick remover kit

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18. Sun Cream

Sun burn and sleeping bags are the perfect combo for a nightmare sleep. Even when cloudy, your skin is exposed to rays so make sure to slap on the SPF. Make sure sun cream is part of your camping packing list regardless of the time of year, as weather can change instantly.

Eco & Reef Friendly Sunscreen

Sustainble eco and reef friendly sunscreen butter!

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19. First Aid Kit

Probably one of the most obvious things to take camping but also one which is commonly forgotten. Whether it’s a cut from chopping the veg for those vegetarian camping recipes or a not so sexy looking bug bite – having a first aid kit can avoid an interrupting trip to A&E and buy you valuable time, so always pack one. As a tip, make sure your first aid kit contains these essential items.

First Aid Kit

92 piece mini first aid kit.

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20. Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Good old hand gel, is a solid staple to any camping equipment list as living, sleeping and eating in the great outdoors gifts you with a whole load of germs. It’s essential for those alfresco toilet stops, cooking and a general freshen up after sleeping under the stars. Whether in gel form or full-blown spray bottle – make sure it’s on your camping checklist!

Hand Sanitizer
$6.47 ($0.19 / Fl Oz)

Hand sanitizer gel

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21. Biodegradable Wipes

There are so many reasons to avoid regular wet wipes and go for these handy little things instead. For years we used to take bulky packs of baby wipes or antibacterial wipes with us camping, but not only would they take up so much space and weight in our backpacks, but they’d also dry up super quick as it’s tough to store them airtight once opened.

These wipes however are not only kind to the environment (unlike baby wipes which take 100+ years to breakdown) but they are TINY! They are compressed tablet shapes wipes that expand when in contact with water – GENIUS! They are also biodegradable and can be used several times, making it a worthwhile addition to your camping checklist and one which we wish we’d discovered sooner.

Compressed Biodegradable Wipes

GLOYY soft compressed biodegradable wipes.

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22. Toothbrush & Travel Case

Is it just us who instantly feel clean the minute we’ve brushed our teeth? We could’ve been without a shower for 3 days but the minute we’ve brushed the pearly whites, we feel like new humans, so don’t forget to tick off toothbrush from your camping packing list.

TIP: Having your toothbrush roam around your bag with your stinky pants and camping food, isn’t always the tastiest idea. We highly recommend a durable travel case for your toothbrush to protect it and make it easier to find in your backpack.

Bamboo Toothbrushes
$7.99 ($0.67 / Count)

Ecological and 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes

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23. Biodegradable Soap & Toothpaste

On that note, however, when you brush your teeth/wash face etc outdoors, it’s unlikely you will have a sink so the dirty water needs to go somewhere. For this reason, please only use eco-friendly products so they cause no harm to the beautiful surroundings. Always be a responsible traveller and choose a clear, open space to dispose of any greywater nowhere near water sources such as streams or rivers.

24. Microfiber Towel

Bulky bath towels that take a lifetime to dry are definitely not one of the things to take camping. Handy foldable, microfiber towels are. The ones we have are similar to the style below – they take just minutes to dry and fold up to the size of our hand!

Quick Dry Camping Towel

Camping towel & gym towel - ultra soft compact quick dry microfiber.

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This is probably the most important items on your camping checklist – cooking gear! Without these camping essentials, you’ll go hungry, or worse if you end up carrying the wrong items you’ll be wasting time and energy. We completely understand that cooking when camping terrifies many people, so make sure to read our camping food guide and tick these items off before you leave for a foodie feast outdoors!

family camping on the beach with fire and sunset

25. Collapsible Wash Basin

As water will be limited, the easiest way to wash up is using a basin. We get it, basins can be bulky so make sure to add a collapsible basin to your camping checklist. You can even get ones which double up as chopping boards! We also use basin for washing our face in the morning – don’t forget your biodegradable soap suds (item 23)

Collapsible Wash Basin

Multifunctional outdoor folding collapsible 10L wash basin.

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26. Cooler / Thermos

Depending on how long your camping trip is (and how flashy your camping style is) will depend if you need to pack a cooler or not. We prefer vegetarian camping meals to avoid having to store meat but will admit, a bacon sandwich in the morning is always a winner. If you’d like to keep your camping food (or beer) cold, then these are our top picks for coolers.

TIP: A large coolbox with wheels may seem convenient, but on the way home it will be empty so it’s just another bulky thing to carry. We recommend a thermos cool pack (or backpack) as they can fold up when empty saving you space and weight!

27. Camping Stove & Fuel

Camping stoves are surprisingly affordable, and after years of cooking alfresco we genuinely believe you don’t need a fancy upgrade – this basic one from Amazon has cooked us many a tasty one-pot camping meal and it simply ignites by pushing a button – no need for matches!

In order to make the most of your stove, you will, of course, need to remember to tick fuel off your camping packing list. Good news is, gas for the camping stove is also pretty cheap. We usually pay around £10 for 4 cans and on average 1 can lasts 90 minutes with the stove on the highest setting. Most of our camping recipes take less than 20 minutes so 1 can last all weekend if you’re only cooking in the evening and using it for your morning coffee.

TIP: If it’s windy and you’re struggling for your gas stove to stay lit, the carry case can be propped up and used as a wind breaker. This saves you buying (and carrying) an extra item!

28. Collapsible Bowls & Cups

An important thing to remember when deciding on the things to take camping is not only their weight but space and durability. Camping can get rigorous at times so your crockery needs to be indestructible to cope with all weathers and rolling around your backpack. For this reason, many people choose enamel mugs and bowls but these take up valuable space (where wine could go – ha!)

For this reason, we recommend silicon (or similar) bowls and mugs that are collapsible. Bowls are easier than plates to eat out of if you’re perched on a camping chair but foldable crockery will save on space – win-win! Our Stojo Cups have been all over the world with us, and again they fold up flat making it one of our favourite camping essentials!

29. Camping Utensils

Why take 3 kinds of cutlery when you can take 1!? There is zero excuse to still be packing disposable cutlery when there are so many gadgets that combine not only cutlery but even bottle openers too. Not only does it save space and the planet, but it will also save on the washing up too!

At some point, even the most seasoned of campers have forgotten 1 of these three camping essentials, so get yourself this 3 in 1 tool. You maybe smugly remembered to pack everything on our camping food list, but it’s not so great if you can’t open anything. A tin opener seems to be the one thing we ALWAYS forget from our camping checklist. However, we never forget a bottle opener (because that’s always deemed more essential) with this handy little tool, we’ll remember everything in 1 and hopefully, you will too.

3-in-1 Can Opener

Chef craft 3-in-1 can opener, cork screw, and bottle opener.

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30. Non-Stick Pans

You’re gonna need a pan or griddle to cook on but as a tip, make sure it is non-stick. This will minimise the amount of water (and man power) you will need for the washing up. We usually only take the one frying pan, but you may have space for a griddle or soup pan too.

31. Water Container & Purification Tablets

If you’re gonna be cooking pasta or rice you will require quite a lot of water before you’ve considered the washing up, washing you and of course drinking water. This means having a way to store water safely is a definite camping essential. We use this foldable water bottle (are you sensing a theme yet?) and have had it for around 4 years. It can hold 10 litres (there are various sizes), but the accordion-style makes it super easy to pour without lifting it up.  Just make sure you dry it properly between uses to avoid any mould.

TIP: Before you go filling up your container with 10 litres of water, always check it’s safe to drink and not just potable water. Many campsites in Australia only offered potable water, so purification tablets would be needed. These are cheap to buy and easily accessible, so are a handy addition to your camping packing list.

32. Head Torch

When you’re cooking up (or eating up) your fave campfire cuisine you won’t have a spare hand to hold a torch. This is why a head torch is one of the most useful things to take camping. It’s not just handy for cooking but also hiking, putting up the tent, midnight toilet treks etc. It’s also a lot harder to lose a torch if it’s strapped to your head.

Head Torch

LED USB rechargeable head torch.

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33. Camping Kettle

There’s something about camping and a whistling kettle that makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. Sure a wee compact kettle would be less bulky but this is the one we use as it means after cooking, we’ve still enough hot water for the washing up so it saves time in the long run. Always check the kettle you choose will actually fit your camping stove.

TIP: Smaller kettles are more convenient to carry but you will have to use more gas to boil enough water for your dishes (while the first lot of water will be waiting getting cold.)

Whistling Kettle

Stainless steel whistling tea kettle.

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34. Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

We would always consider coffee one of the most important camping essentials, but there is no need for instant outta Tupperware, my friends – instead, you can enjoy delicious, barista-style coffee in the great outdoors thanks to this Nanopresso.

We bought ours when we were camping in Australia because we got a little addicted to Melbourne coffee and now can’t imagine camping without it. You simply add coffee grounds and hot water then simply by manually “pumping” it creates 18 bar pressure, creating a beautiful crema on your coffee. It also comes in a handy travel case and is super easy to wash. Watch a review of how it works here.

Portable Coffee Maker

Wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker bundled with protective case.

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It can be stressful deciding what to take camping when it comes to food, as you need to remember you won’t have a fridge but you will have a heck of a lot more wildlife who might enjoy your food stash. Avoiding or minimising perishable goods is the best plan and adding tinned or dry goods to your camping checklist will keep hunger away.

Lucky for you, we created a detailed camping food guide complete with a camping food list, 30+ recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner plus our top camping cooking tips!

If you fancied a little giggle, we also have a whole range of cooking videos on our Youtube from our time cooking in a campervan – all of which can be made on a camping stove, though we do recommend consuming a little less wine than we did prior to cooking.

Why not download our digital camping cookbook?

  • Recipes with ideas for breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Digital E-book so you can download instantly
  • Use offline on your phone, tablet, laptop or print off
  • Recipe ideas without the need for bulky cookbooks or Wi-Fi
campervan cookbook

Price: £7.99


Sure star gazing and silence is all tranquil and romantic, but have you ever played poker around the campfire after a beer or 10? Or when it’s pouring of rain and you’re minutes away from packing up to return home when VOILA that Friday feel-good playlist starts and brightens everyone’s mood? These are the camping essentials that will turn those frowns upside down and keep boredom at bay.

36. Pack of Cards

A pack of cards is always a fun addition to any camping packing list to keep you entertained – not forgetting the loser does the washing up!

Playing Cards

Pack of playing cards

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37. Portable Music Speaker

Your neighbours may not love this addition to our camping checklist but we cannot travel without our portable speaker. Music can help put the tent up quicker, make food taste better, keep the arguments over snoring to a minimum – a portable speaker solves everything. This handy little gizmo is so compact it’s smaller than your fist, yet lasts 15 hours of continuous play on a single charge!

Bamboo Portable Speaker

Why not purchase an eco-friendly bamboo Bluetooth speaker from Amazon now?

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38. Portable Charger

No camping packing list would be complete without a portable charger. We’ve had the same Anker one for YEARS, its been to over 30 countries with us and is still going strong. It’s one of the best things to take camping as it can charge your phone 7 times on a single charge, so can technically last all week, not just the weekend.

TIP: It’s not just suitable for phones either, it can be used for anything with USB charging such as cameras, speakers, torches etc.

Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore 20100mAh portable charger.

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39. Marshmallows

Eating is the perfect past time in the evening and marshmallows are definitely a camping essential.

40. Walkie Talkies

Maybe not considered a camping essential but my god they are SO fun. We took a pair of walkie talkies with us the last time we went camping and could not stop laughing. To be fair, they are more reliable than mobile phones as the battery lasts longer and you don’t need “signal” as such for them to work. That, and the fact you can run around the wild shouting “over” like a child again.

Walkie Talkies

Long range walkie talkies

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41. Wine

We’re Scottish, it’s essential. Nothing says camping more than wine outta mugs. It can also (potentially) provide hours of entertainment if you choose your camping buddies wisely.


If you’re a newbie to the outdoor life, you may be struggling to perfect your camping packing list as you’ve packed enough outfits for a 2 week holiday. Newsflash, no one gives a sh*t what you look like – you’re camping.

42. Clothing

Our top tip for camping outfits is to pack clothes that are comfortable and can be layered up. Always read the labels to know the fabric, as you want clothing that can dry quickly, keep you warm or keep you cool – bonus points if it can tick all boxes. Finally, remember you have to carry your clothes so make sure they are lightweight, durable and take up minimal space. We’ve featured a few ideas of camping clothing below.

43. Hiking Boots

The best camping spots are not always easy to reach so hiking boots will keep your feet comfortable and dry. Remember to add hiking boots to your camping packing list as soggy shoes can ruin your trip.

TIP: Don’t leave your boot outside your tent in case it rains or the local wildlife decide to take shelter inside them. If they’re a little on the stinky side, plunge two sticks into the ground and turn your boots upside down on top – that way nothing should be able to crawl in and the soles are facing the sky so they’ll stay dry.

44. Flip Flops / Waterproof Sandals

You probably were not expecting flip flops on a camping packing list however, this is a sneaky tip which we now cannot camp without. Flip flops are ideal for camp shower blocks to avoid standing in other people’s grime (or standing on creepy crawlies).

They’re also much easier to slip on and off than hiking boots if you need to nip out for a pee in the morning. Switching from hiking boots/welly boots to flip flops also give your feet a refreshing break so deservedly belong on our camping checklist.


45. Backpack

Now armed with your camping checklist, you need a comfortable, durable backpack to carry it all in – and we know the perfect one! We put together a detailed guide for choosing the best backpack, which talks through the features of our Osprey Farpoint 70 backpacks (aka the BEST backpacks ever.)

Top features of the Osprey Farpoint 70 include:

  • Lifetime guarantee: should it ever break, you can send it off to repair from anywhere in the world for FREE
  • Zip off day pack: ideal for day hikes or picnics so you won’t need to carry the big backpack
  • Zips all the way round: this saves rummaging through all of your stuff as you can open the zip and see all your items clearly
  • Comfortable: We carried our entire belongings for over a year in these backpacks without a single complaint, so they are perfect for carrying all your camping essentials to your destination.
Osprey Farpoint 70

Osprey Farpoint 70 travel backpack.

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02/18/2024 03:00 am GMT

46. Dry Bag

We only bought one of these last year and now can’t imagine travelling without it so recommend adding one to your camping equipment list. They do exactly as they say on the tin – keep your belongings dry, so pack your camera/phone/passport/wallet into these when camping in case of rain through the night, or spillages in your backpack.

Dry Bag

Waterproof dry bag backpack.

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47. Travel Pouches

We rave about these things regularly and definitely feel they belong on your camping packing list. Packing cubes/travel pouches are super useful as you don’t need to unpack your entire backpack all over your tent – they help keep your belongings neat, and you only need to take out what you need. We’ve also used a packing cube filled with clothes as a pillow when camping in the past.

Travel Packing Cubes

AmazonBasics 4-piece packing travel organiser cubes set.

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48. Dust Pan & Brush

We learned this trick from family camping trips growing up and now we won’t camp without one! Although we agree it’s a little bulky, if you’re camping for more than a few days it’s handy to have a sweep every now and then to stop sand/dust/leaves getting into your camping equipment. Also handy for brushing off dry mud from your boots, sweeping bugs out your tent etc.

Dustpan & Brush

Dust pan & brush set

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49. Fire Starts / Lighter / Matches

When you’re tired, cold and hungry there’s nothing worse than a fire that won’t start. Firestarters are one of the best things to take camping to ensure you will always have a way to eat and stay warm.

If you’re cooking on a gas stove (like our one, we linked to above) you may not require matches to start it, however, they are a useful camping essential if you fancy toasting those marshmallows on a real fire, or for lighting the mosquito coils etc.

Due to the risk of bush fires, when we were camping in Australia and New Zealand fires were banned from many campsites, or there were signs which indicated the weather was too dry – please check it’s safe to do so before starting a fire when camping.

50. Trash Bags

One of the most important rules about camping is to leave no trace, in fact, we encourage you to leave your campsite BETTER than how you found it so no don’t just pick up your own rubbish, pick up any other rubbish you find too. For the safety of wildlife (and protect the beauty of the area), many campsites do not have litter bins, instead, they encourage you to take your rubbish home and the easiest way to do this is to tidy up as you go.

Don’t forget trash bags from your camping packing list – bonus points, if you can find biodegradable ones (the ones below are plant-based) as a little less plastic in the world, is always a good thing.

Trash Bags
$16.60 ($0.37 / Count)

Plant based tall kitchen bags with handles.

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51. Canopy / Pop-Up Gazebo

When we’re camping in Scotland there are always two issues – it rains, or it’s sunny. It’s too cramped to sit in the tent when it’s hot, but as a redhead sitting out in the sun is no option either. Then, there’s the issue of trying to keep the gas stove going in the rain. Either way, an extra canopy or gazebo is a handy addition to any camping checklist regardless of the weather.

52. Duct Tape

Broken guy rope? Duct tape. Hole in the tent? Duct tape. Splinter in your finger? Duct tape. Gas Stove that won’t stay closed? Duct tape. Camping buddy that won’t shut up? Duc tape. Jokes, but you get the idea – duct tape can be used in SO many ways so is one of the best things to take camping.

Duct Tape

Silver duct tape

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53. Camping Table

To be honest, we’ve never taken a camping table as it’s just another thing to carry but we understand if you have little ones getting them to sit on a camping chair and hold a bowl of hot food, is not gonna be easy. Most campsites have picnic tables but it can often be first come, first served so packing your own is a safe bet.

Add a foldable table to your camping checklist if you plan on cooking up a storm as it is also safer to have your stove raised slightly instead of on top of grass or picnic blanket etc as they will be flammable. It will also be easier to chop veg etc on a table than your lap.

TIP: One of the best things to take camping if you’re planning on using the campsite’s picnic table is a waterproof table cloth. This will help protect your meal if the table is wet/dirty/mouldy. Clips might be handy too if you’re expecting a windy trip!

Camping Table

Coleman compact roll top aluminium table.

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Now you know what to take camping and hopefully have a car (or backpack) filled with tasty camping food, you are ready to set off on your big adventure! The next question is, where to? If you’re heading to a music festival, you might want to have a look at our music festival checklist, otherwise, have a peek at some of our posts from around the globe to put this camping packing list into action.

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