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2 Days In Prague

Prague Itinerary: How to Spend 2 Days in Prague

In this jam packed 2 day itinerary for Prague we share the highlights and hidden gems of this incredible city. From where to stay to eating out, the best beer experiences to the best photo opportunities this guide will cover how to make the most of your 2 days in Prague. 

We want to caveat this by saying, on our three month Euro-trip there were several cities we found were one hit wonders and once you’ve been, there was no desire to return. Prague on the other hand, is a city we could explore again and again – in sunshine or in snow.

Despite our 2 days in Prague being the rainiest of our entire backpacking Europe trip, we’ll never forget the way the gloomy grey skies only highlighted the enchanting architecture further and genuinely feel its a city that will appeal to all travel styles and budgets.

We even squeezed in a very memorable trip to Prague Beer Spa which is worth booking flights for alone and we hope this Prague itinerary will inspire you to hop on a plane, bus or boat ready for a city break to remember.


Before we dive into our Prague itinerary, one thing that can make or break your trip is the time of year. To be honest, the best time to visit Prague depends on your preferences. Spring and Autumn offer pleasant weather with fewer crowds, while summer brings exciting events but more tourists which means prices are hiked up. Not forgetting the enchanting Christmas markets in Winter which are magical, but again expensive!

We spent two days in Prague during November and felt it was a perfect time to visit although a little drizzly. Being Scottish, the rain doesn’t bother us but being Scottish expensive accommodation and activities does. We found travelling in November meant it was easy to book activities and accommodation last minute and at a discounted price compared to other times of year.

Travelling on the off-season also had the advantage of bargain transport costs too! We took the bus from Bratislava to Prague for only £10 then took the bus from Prague onwards to Krakow (for only £15) using Flixbus.  



We paid £10.90 each for a bus from Bratislava to Prague. We recommend booking via Flixbus for the cheapest fare and their app is ideal for tracking journeys and booking bus tickets on the go!

The city is pretty compact so our 2 day itinerary for Prague does involve a lot of walking, but if you’d prefer to use public transport to get around you’ll be pleased to hear it’s cheap and efficient.

There are various tickets available, lasting from lasting 30 minutes (24CZK/about 80p) to 3 days (310 CZK/about £10). A great advantage of public transport in Prague is that your ticket can be used on buses, trams and the metro. Learn more about the cost of travel in Prague here.

Bargain Bus Travel

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Food & Drink

Alongside affordable transport, food and drink are very reasonably priced IF you avoid the tourist traps. On average a pint in Prague costs around 35 CZK (£1.15) and a bottle of wine around 150 CZK (£6) – now you might guess why a weekend in Prague is a popular stag do destination!

For food, a main meal in a restaurant is around 140 CZK (£5.50.) A meal for two including mains, desserts, 2 beers and coffee, you’ll get change from £30 – again if you avoid the main touristy spots. One food you MUST try however especially if it’s your first time in Prague is the famous sausage from the street vendors, which are around 40CZK (£1.40.)

We also recommend you try Trdelník (Chimney Cake) during your 2 days in Prague as this sweet treat only costs 110czk (around £4) but it will give you enough energy to whizz round the city all afternoon.

A great money saving tip for a weekend in Prague, is choosing accommodation that has breakfast included. Our hostel included a fully cooked breakfast which kept us full until lunch as well as a nearby Lidl, which allowed us to save even more money.  

Total Cost for 2 Days in Prague

When we originally planned our Prague itinerary, we budgeted £40 per day for both of us for food/activities.  However, our actual spend was on average £50 per day due to the voice shouting “TREAT YO’SELF” and our zero self-control at the thought of a Beer Spa, where the majority of our budget went (more on that later!)

Tram Running Through Prague


As our 2 days in Prague were on a budget we were delighted with our accommodation Hostel Florenc, it was incredible value for money and it was hard to believe our room was in a hostel. To us, it is one of the best hostels in Prague and one of the best hostels we’ve stayed in during our time backpacking Europe.

We paid just £27 per night for a private double room with a shared bathroom (although we never saw the other guests we shared with, so it was basically private) and this also included a buffet breakfast.

For a private room in a hostel our room was unbelievably huge. The communal kitchen – there’s one per floor – and table with chairs in our room made it so easy to prepare and enjoy our own food (since the majority of our budget had been spent on beer.)

As we only had 2 days in Prague, affordable accommodation in a central location was vital for our trip to see as much as possible. Hostel Florenc is basically within the bus station grounds (although surprisingly quiet) so perfect when arriving by bus late at night or leaving early the next morning.

The location was also perfect for accessing everywhere by foot so we didn’t have to spend a penny on local transport nor waste time waiting for a tram (or getting lost on the wrong bus which is our usual style.)

Hostel Florenc – Prague

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The easiest way to tackle your Prague itinerary is to divide the city in two – on day one we will explore Old Town followed by the epic beer spa and then on day two we’ll head over the famous Charles Bridge and explore the opposite side of the river known as Lesser Town.

Morning in Old Town

What better way to kick off your 2 days in Prague than visiting one of the world’s most beautiful squares. Prague’s Old Town square is a European icon thanks to its many beautiful landmarks such as Old Town Hall, Baroque Church of St. Nicholas, Monument of Jan Hus and of course the Astronomical Clock. 

Astronomical Clock

At 607 years old Prague’s Astronomical clock is one of the oldest in the world and according to Lonely Planet, one of Europe’s best known tourist attractions. Every hour you will notice crowds gather by the clock to witness the moving statues and fanfare when the clock chimes.

As a perfect introduction to your Prague itinerary, why not view the city from above? From the clock tower you can admire the most spectacular views over Prague and capture the city from the roof as well as a wee history lesson of the clock’s medieval engineering. By booking tickets here you will also be able to skip the queue!

Prague Astronomical Clock Tickets

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Namesti Republiky

It takes just 6 minutes to walk from Old Town to Namesti Republiky which is a second square in Prague that is well worth visiting. We LOVED the architecture here and the colourful buildings that surrounded the square.

The Powder Tower (known locally as Prašná brána)  is definitely a must see building near Namesti Republiky. It was one of the original city gates and the towering gothic tower is a photo opportunity not to be missed. There is an observation deck within the tower which provides stunning views over the city. Entrance costs 100 CZK (around £3).

Prague Powder Tower


As a tip, there are many market stalls in Namesti Republiky where you can grab something for lunch. No 2 days in Prague would be complete without sampling the traditional Wiener Sausage, Schnitzel, or Trdelnik (chimney cake) all of which can be found here. It’s best to grab something carb filled for lunch as you have a boozy afternoon ahead!

prague chimney cakes

Afternoon – Franz Kafka

As you walk from Namesti Republiky to Prague Beer Spa, take a little detour to Franz Kafka. This impressive statue is a recent addition to Prague created by artist  David Černý  in 2014. 

Each of the 42 tiers move independently creating a mesmerising, shifting face of the famous Czech writer Franz Kafka. It takes around 14 minutes to walk from Namesti Republiky to Franz Kafka, but after a chimney cake the sugar rush will have you skipping your way there! 

franz kafka statue in prague

Original Beer Spa

Next up on your Prague itinerary is one of the best spas in Europe we have EVER been to (and we’ve been to quite a few.) There are several beer spas in Prague, but the best is the original, called Beerland Spa.

As mentioned, our two days in Prague were so far very wet, so what better way to escape the rain than literally bathe in a beer bubble bath. Ideally, book ahead as during our visit there was only 1 slot left and that was on a weekday in November, so appointments book up quick! It cost £105 for two people for an hour spa visit which as mentioned, was nearly our entire budget but it was worth EVERY penny.

From numerous online reviews (all 2000+ of which were 5 star) we learnt to arrive for our appointment early, which is probably the first and last time we will be early for anything ever. There was a good reason however, as the staff allow you to enjoy the beer from the moment you arrive. Living up to Scots stereotype, we arrived an hour early to abuse this. Then we were escorted to a private room, complete with a hops filled hot tub (that left our skin ridiculously soft), a sauna, straw bed for relaxing and the cherry on top – unlimited beer on draught.

Without a doubt it was the highlight of our 2 days in Prague, and admittedly one of the most memorable things we did on our entire Europe trip. The staff were so friendly (allowing all clients to stay even after your hour is up to enjoy the beers further) as well as it being one of the most unique spa experiences we could possibly imagine – a close contender being Therme Bucharest.

Our Prague beer spa guide goes into full detail of the hilarity that this activity entailed and we so hope you manage to squeeze in a visit to your Prague itinerary.

Beer Spa Booked up? Try these beer experiences instead…

While we LOVED our Prague beer spa experience, we got lucky booking it the day before our visit. Depending on the time of year you may need to book weeks in advance. If you’ve missed out there are still so many ways to squeeze in some beer-filled fun into your Prague itinerary. Check out these other experiences and hoppy tours! 

  • Czech Beer Museum Entry & Tasting: Experience beer history and brewing traditions at Czech Beer Museum. Enjoy samplings 4 Czech beer samples and bottle your own beer with your own label at the end of the visit.
  • Beer and Wine Spa Bath with Salt Cave: Sip on drinks as you soak in a bathtub filled with wine or a specially-brewed dark beer. Then unwind by the fireplace in the largest salt cave in the city!
  • Staropramem Brewery Self-Guided Tour with Tasting: Enjoy a self-guided, interactive tour through the largest brewery in Prague. End your tour with either a drink or a tasting of 4 beers at the Staropramen bar.

  • Medieval Dinner with Unlimited Drinks: Enjoy a delicious 3 course afternoon or 5 course evening medieval dinner with unlimited drinks. You’ll be entertained by a special medieval performance, full of music, dance and much more. Darren has done a very similar experience to this in Germany and claims its one of the most unique dining experiences he’s ever had…the unlimited drinks maybe helped that decision!

Beer Spa Bernard
  • Full private treatment
  • Unlimited beer consumption
  • Beer bath
  • Relaxation on the heated bed
  • Towels, sheets, and slippers
  • Beer to takeaway

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The Dancing House & Rašínovo Embankment

Depending how boozy your beer spa visit was, will determine how adventurous you’re feeling for the rest of the evening. We would recommend taking a little detour back to your hotel via the river to admire the sun set over the city starting with the Dancing House which is an 11 minute walk from the beer spa.

Forever a fan of a rebellious cause, “The Dancing House” caught our attention due to the initial controversy which surrounded it. It was designed by Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić in cooperation with Frank Gehry. Although the building’s exterior epitomizes Gehry’s signature curves it couldn’t be further from the typical Baroque, Gothic & Art Nouveau buildings which line Prague’s streets, resulting in initial disapproval by locals.

From here, continue your (possibly wobbly) stroll along Rašínovo Embankment, which boasts striking views looking up to the castle and Old Town. The embankment is one of the most picturesque in Prague and has two levels – one for cars and trams and a lower for pedestrians and cyclists. There are also many restaurants and bars along the embankment which are the ideal way to end your day.

From here you can also take a river boat cruise but after a beer filled afternoon, boats were the last thing on our mind so we’ve saved that activity for day two of our Prague itinerary.

Dancing House In Prague


Charles Bridge

Kick off day two of your Prague itinerary with a relaxing stroll across Charles Bridge. Not only is it the best way to cure any fuzzy heads from yesterday’s beer spa but it offers some of the best views in the city as at 516 meters long and 10 meters wide, the bridge connects Old Town & Lesser Town over the Vltava River.

We recommend visiting Charles Bridge early in the day to beat the crowds as it’s one of the city’s most famous landmarks. There are 30 beautiful baroque statues that line both sides of the bridge which looked spectacular against the gloomy grey sky during our visit. 

As well as admiring the bridge from below, you can admire it from above as both towers at either end are open to the public with entry costing 100 CZK.  As a tip, in the Summer months they are open until 10pm so it’s the perfect place to end a weekend in Prague – watching the sun set over the city!

Lennon Wall

Following your stroll and many snaps later, head to Lennon Wall which is just 5 minutes from the end of Charles Bridge (Lesser Town side) at Velkoprevorske Namesti, Mala Strana.

When communism ruled Prague, Lennon’s lyrics of freedom – amongst many other Western pop songs – were banned by authorities. Following his murder in 1980, a single image of Lennon was painted in a wall opposite the French embassy.

This soon grew through continuous additions of Beatles lyrics & political graffiti. The wall is now owned by the Knights of the Maltese Cross, who allow the graffiti to continue and so it’s become somewhat of a tourist landmark which certainly brightened up our drizzly day.

Prague Alternative Walking Tour

It’s no secret we prefer things to see and do off the beaten track and this alternative tour of Prague is one of the coolest we have come across.

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Waldstein Garden

We did warn this Prague itinerary would be jam-packed, so your next stop will be a welcomed break. Waldstein Garden or Senate Gardens as they are also known as somewhat of a hidden gem as many people miss them on their way to Prague Castle. However, they are the perfect half way point between Lennon Wall and the castle to relax and reflect.

Not only is there fountains with fish, historical statues and a fascinating “drip stone” wall, but you’ll likely spot a peacock pal or two as the stroll around the gardens adding to its serene atmosphere. 

It takes just 8 minutes to walk from Lennon Wall to Waldstein Garden then a further 10 on to the next stop in your Prague itinerary – Prague Castle.

Prague Castle & Saint Vitus Cathedral

No 2 days in Prague would be complete without a jaunt up its fairy-tale fortress – Pražský hrad (Prague Castle). Regardless of where you are in the city it is impossible not to see its spires. Likely because according to the Guinness World Records, it’s the largest ancient castle in the world. You might want to reschedule your spa day to recover from this visit as the castle covers a total area bigger than seven football fields.

There are three entrances to the castle complex (All of which have security checks) but we recommend taking the entrance nearest Malostranskà underground station and climbing the Old Castle Staircase which provides the most spectacular views over Prague and the opportunity to capture those postcard worthy orange rooftops.

You can explore the castle grounds between 6am – 10pm, but to actually see inside you will need to wait until 9am though be warned, there is often queues to enter regardless of the time of day (though weekdays are quieter.)

As a tip, make sure to time your visit so you can witness the changing of the guard ceremony which occurs each hour. Entry fees depend on which buildings within the castle complex you want to visit, starting at 250 CZK (approx. £8) which includes St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower.

Dinner Cruise

Now you have spent the past 2 days in Prague enjoying the cobbled streets, castle, beer and bridges, it’s time for the grand finale of your Prague itinerary – a dinner cruise on the Vltava River.

It is truly the best way to end your time in this enchanting city, admiring the illuminated landmarks accompanied by a traditional dinner and live music. There are many dinner cruises to choose from, which the majority lasting 2-3 hours making it the perfect way to relax after a busy, fun filled 2 days in Prague.

Prague Dinner Cruise

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We understand our way to spend two days in Prague won’t be for everyone (beer spas are not for the faint hearted) but we hope this guide will help plan your Prague itinerary in some way. Whether you’re visiting for the gothic architecture, the romantic cobbled streets, the street markets or simply the cheap beer, your 2 days in Prague won’t feel near enough and you’ll leave with a longing to return!

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